Weeze Airport (NRN) Niederrhein Airport

Weeze  Airport (NRN). Best offers  for Private transfers

Weeze Airport (NRN) Niederrhein Airport

Weeze Airport (NRN), Niederrhein Airport, is a former military airbase that began its new life as a commercial and passenger airport in 2003. It hosts approximately 1.5 million guests each year and is currently one of the fastest-growing airports in Europe.

This airport has had a bit of an identity crisis with its names as it has changed it many times. It even originally asked to be called "Düsseldorf (Weeze)" but this idea was nixed because of the confusion it could cause with the actual Düsseldorf Airport. (And also because it is an hour away from that city!)

Only Ryanair and some of the other airlines now use this name for its flights here.


Weeze Airport, or Niederrhein Airport, is 7 km (4 mi) south-west of the Weeze city center and 9 km (6 mi) north-west of

Kevelaer, or… a nice short footpath away from the border of Netherlands. :-) Speaking of which…

Nijmegen is just about 57 km (36 mi) away and to Eindhoven it is 81 km or 50 mi.

Oh, and the distance to Düsseldorf (south-east) is 83 km (52 mi).

Hours Of Operation

NRN operates every day from 03:30 – 24:00. This means that staying overnight at the airport is not possible.

Weeze Airport Airlines

Weeze Airport specializes in the low-cost, no-frills airlines like Ryanair; Transavia, Welcome Air, and Wizz Air at NRN.